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The girl

I am a 25 yo highly educated British girl, with a 100% natural - 36DD, tiny waist, curvy bum. I have long blonde hair and big blue eyes, and will often be wearing bright red lipstick to show off my luscious lips. I love dressing up, there's something really sexy and horny about dressing up either in some classy lingerie, or an outfit for a roleplay scenario, or just something that just screams slut - the bottomline: dressing up gets me in the mood, and you want me to get into the mood, trust me! 

The most important thing you need to know about me: I AM A SWITCH. This means that with the right person, the right dynamic, I can go from being the most dominant mistress you've ever knelt in front of, or the most submissive plaything that you'll ever have the pleasure of having fun with.

As a dominatrix - I am cruel, can be humiliating towards you, and very strict about your obedience and devotion towards me. As a switch, it's often about balancing the two sides of my sexuality, and I love nothing more than to take out my frustrations on you. 

As a submissive - I am an owned submissive in real life by my Master who is also my partner.I have been trained for several years, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to serve him. Everything I do sexually is with his permission and instruction, and camming is no different. I take great pleasure and pride in pleasing my Master, and I have been given strict instructions to be the best sub and camgirl I can be. So, have a guess on the quality of the show that you'll be getting? xxx



I am a dominant and sadist through and through. I have been privileged to own her as a slave and never take forgranted that her submission and devotion is gift. If you are a dominant who understands this, then I have no doubt you'll have a great time with her/us.

I believe my dominance stems from years of suppression. I grew up in a strict upbringing. Being an Asian of oriental descent, I had the stereotypical upbringing of strict parents watching your every move, being subjected to rules, protocols and discipline since birth until I left the nest. I was very aware during my younger years that I hated being told what to do, and it was only in adulthood when I gradually realised how much damage that has caused. What i never expected was how I've channeled the years of pent up frustrations and anger into expressing it all in the bedroom, and I am grateful that this could have only happened if I found the right partner.

In real life, I'm considered to be soft spoken, professional and a gentleman. In the bedroom I turn into an alpha male, and I take great pleasure in dishing out copious amounts of humiliation, pain, and discipline to my girl, pushing her boundaries, and exploring her sexuality.I consider my permitting of her to play online with you as part of her training to become the best submissive she can be, and I invite you to fully own, train, use and pleasure her as yours during your time with her.


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